A New Outlook

Towards the end of last year I made some, well you can call them  new year’s resolutions if you like but I prefer to just say I made some notes on the things I would like to do or at least do differently this year. Things like spend more time with  my family and make or do some creative things.

One of the creative things on the list was getting back to blogging. I can sort of mark that as done. I have the blog, am getting the look and feel sorted and posts are happening.

On the list of seeing more of my family and those I care about – allow me to rave about Outlook for a moment. Um ja, like it’s anything new but really, I don’t know how I managed without it. I am the person who forgets to call her dad on his birthday which, you know, is the day after her own. I am the person who fails to register that she hasn’t actually seen her mother in several months (and said mom lives just an hour a bit drive away). But in keeping with my new year quest to see more of the family I spent about an hour making dates on my Outlook calendar, marking birthdays and such, setting aside weekends to visit with the families (both mine and his).

So far it seems to be working well. Well mostly. The visits to my siblings (just a short 20 minute drive from my place of employment) have yet to happen. On the one hand, one of those siblings has spent most of the last several months working in China (a bit more then a short drive away) and I have absolutely no excuse for not seeing the other.

It does pop up on my calendar though, that I ought to be spending time with them and every time it does I do feel guilty. So I send them an sms instead; it’s more than I used to do.

Next to be added to Outlook is making definite dates to blog. I have a lot of things I’d like to blog about but I’m struggling to find time to blog. Putting it on Outlook should help me make the time.

Lastly there is my list of monthly projects (creative stuff) and Jeep Club that still need to be added as well. And if it seems that I am leaving no room for spontaneity well then know that I am not a spontaneous person. I might impulse buy the odd pair of cheap plastic shoes from Pick ‘n Pay but that is as spontaneous as it gets around here.

No, for now the “Outlook – Plan my year, plan my life” is staying because it is what is getting me to take time off to go to Lesotho next month, something I sorely need (and it should give me plently to blog about as well).


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