Let’s talk about stress Baby

I think it fair to blame my expanding waistline on stress because when I am stressed I eat. And if only I’d stick to celery sticks then stress would not be a problem. Alas, celery sticks are few and far between at the office and chocolate is available in abundance.

So my ‘fat pants’ are on their way to becomming my ‘everyday pants’. In these trying economic times when people around me are losing their jobs and my own job is none too certain (despite my ever increasing workload), I suppose it’s understandable.

Understandable too that stress has affected me so much I even now have an ulcer.

On my eyeball.

Take a moment to picture that if you will.

It’s freaky and frightening and clearly I need a better way of dealing with stress, I just don’t have too many bright ideas on the subject.

Fortunately my eye test  is behind me and a weekend away lies ahead. And if that doesn’t work then I shall just have to close my eyes when I eat that chocolate.


And no sooner had I drafted this post when an offer of lunchtime exercise classes popped into my inbox. The classes promise weight management and stress relief among other things. An answer to my prayers perhaps?

Possibly. But in these trying economic times the monthly fee is pause for thought. Also, I am lazy.

Okay, so the sole reason for this post os to tell the world about my ulcer.

On my eyeball.

Done and done; Tracy L out.


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