Home vs Lesotho – A Completely Unbiased Comparison

I’ve been away from the blog and indeed the entire Internet for a bit. We went camping in the mountains.

Thanks be to the lovely folk who stopped by and commented on my last post. Apologies for it taking so long for your comments to be approved. We arrived back on Monday tired but relaxed. Then I headed back in to the office on Tuesday for my stress levels to be adjusted to what passes for normal in my working life, sadly. Then I woke up and it was Saturday.

Now, on to today’s post.

Home vs Lesotho – A Completely Unbiased Comparison


I normally don’t have breakfast at home. Five in the morning is way to early for me to eat and I manage a cup of coffee purely for the caffeine kick. In Lesotho it’s different. For one, he actually develops an appetite when we’re camping so we do tend to have our three square meals a day and snacks.

Which explains, in part, my three kilo weight gain over a four day period. The bigger part of that weight gain has to do with (warning! possibly TMI coming up) my reluctant bowels becoming badly backed up.

But the magnificent mountain view while we enjoy our hot chocolate beats even the best gourmet meal I could cook up at home. And my bowels will get over it eventually.

So, score 1 to Lesotho.


Although it’s not strictly in the dress code I wear make-up every day and heels to work most days; I’m meant to look professional. But it’s not always comfortable and if I didn’t have the hair and make-up routine every morning I’d probably get an extra half hour of sleep (which I need).

On our way back we stopped off for lunch in some place I have forgotten the name of. I was still sporting my camping look which is sunblock,  a t-shirt, jeans tucked into my gumboots and my moahale hat. It’s comfortable and the gumboots are a god send in a wet and muddy camp site. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed two women giving me the once over, the look on their faces clearly saying ‘WTF Woman, you’re out in public for Pete’s sake’.

I saw their looks and really, I did not care. I was comfortable (despite the blood blister on my foot – story for another time maybe) and relaxed and the gumboots were a huge part of that.

1 to Lesotho again.


On our short trip we hiked, we went horse riding, we saw with our own eyes a bushman rock painting, we took photos of everything that looked pretty or interesting or just because. There was no plan for our days, no rushing to make appointments, we went when and where we felt like going.

There is plenty of fun to be had at home too. Friends, family and Jeep club are all here. But there is also always a schedule attached, a date and time and place to be.

Lesotho gets 1 point, but only because there is no timetable attached.


Years ago I went hiking in St Lucia with friends. We stayed in this hut that had no electricity or running water. The loo was a long walk away from the hut but with the most spectacular view ever viewed from a toilet seat. It was also a long drop.

A toilet that don’t flush is just not right in my book. There are many things I could live or do without but a flushing toilet isn’t one of them.

Fortunately, both places we stayed at in Lesotho had flushing toilets.

However, there is a lot to be said for just hopping out of bed and waddling the few necessary steps to the bathroom when it’s three in the morning and you really gotta go. As opposed to donning your jacket and your gumboots, crawling out of the tent on your hands and knees because it’s the little tent (that you can’t stand up straight in) and then trekking across the however many metres, possibly even kilometres, whilst it is below freezing out there just to take a pee.

I also miss not having a fridge or freezer. It would be really nice to be able to have steak on the braai and salad every night and having somewhere to put the left-overs would mean we don’t have to eat everything we prepared in one sitting which would mean less back-up and weight gain.

Finally, home has 1 point.


What happens in the tent, stays in the tent.

But it also scores Lesotho 1 more point. (Unless we put the tent up in the lounge – hmm, now there’s a thought 😉

While I spent my Tuesday back at work frantically catching up and even working late to get everything done before the deadline, he had plenty of time to indulge in a little fantasy he would like to call “Let’s chuck it all up and move to Lesotho for ever”. He says he spent most of Tuesday trying to find the right argument to convince me to go along.

If you’ve tallied up the score then you will know Lesotho wins hands down. But live there for ever, I don’t know that I could.

I know myself well enough to know that sooner or later the novelty would wear off. Those magnificent mountains would become the big, giant rocks that stand in my way to civilization. I would miss the Pick ‘n Pay up the road that stocks everything I require. I would miss the internet and blogging. I would miss the daily stresses that make going into the country side such a treat.

I would miss Lesotho, the little country I have come to love.

Little country, big space
Little country, big space

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