Green, Yellow-Gold, Red

I want to tell you how much I hate green peppers but love green beans. I want to tell you about the time my mom tried to pass off the former as the latter and I ate it and hated it and spent an entire day thinking about it until I realised she had lied and so I never gave green peppers, or any other kind of peppers, a try ever again.

But I also want to tell you that only last weekend I bought two red peppers on impulse and now love red peppers almost as much as I love green beans. They smell kind of strange but the colour is lovely and I actually like the taste and we will be having plenty of salads and omelettes while I make up for lost time on the pepper front.

I want to tell you about the red rivulets of blood that flowed down my legs on Friday afternoon because I had cut myself shaving. Like I always do. And now I have a set of matching stripey scabs running down my legs. Pretty.

I want to tell you about the golden yellow Lindt Easter Bunny with the red bow standing on my kitchen counter as I type. I probably won’t eat it, not because I don’t like chocolate but because once that golden foil wrapping comes off, the magic goes and the chocolate resurfaces on my thighs. And in any case, there are plenty of chocolate covered marshmallow eggs with yellow yolk-like centres to take the bunny’s place.

I want to tell you about the green Chinese herbal weight-loss pills that a co-worker swears blind is working miracles for her and I am seriously considering taking  because they are green and herbal and Chinese and I am struggling and stressed and desperate.

I want to tell you that I have a wonderful ending to this post, but I don’t.


One thought on “Green, Yellow-Gold, Red

  1. So–when I was 16 years old, I was standing up on a balance beam preparing to do some awesome move and the hunky 21 year old brother of our coach was spotting me. He saw a jagged scar on my ankle and asked if I’d had surgery. “No,” I replied with great embarrassment, “I gave myself a nasty cut while shaving my legs.” He said nothing.

    Yep. That’s pretty much my life, so I totally identify with your rivulets of blood : )

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