Not Prepared

There is only one rule in our place and it is this:

“Your family, your decision”.

I must confess to being the maker of that rule. It works like this, when his mom invites us for lunch, he decides whether or not we accept the invitation. Likewise when my mother calls and demands suggests we spend a weekend there, it’s my call as to whether we go to the Rusty Berg for the night.

We don’t talk about the rule, it’s just there. And it came in to full affect this Sunday when his mom declared “So when are you people inviting us over for a meal.”

Yes, ‘declared’ is absolutely the right word.

I did the only thing I could do, I turned to him for an answer. He isn’t the type to give definitive answers so he mumbled and fobbed and blabbed something which was nothing and that is where things stand.

When he moved in there was no mention made of his family coming to visit. I am not prepared for this.

Look, I love entertaining. I get really excited by the prospect of planning a luncheon or dinner party. I pour over my recipe books, searching for those winning recipes that are sure to impress my guests. On the food front I have no worries, I am a good cook and I enjoy it.

But when I say I am not prepared I am not exaggerating. When I moved into this place over a year ago I was all set to be living the single life. I only bought 4 plates so that dishes would be a once a week thing.

I always used to joke that my floors don’t need to be clean enough to eat off because I have plates. But if his entire family, all six of them, come round some of us will indeed be eating off the floor because I don’t have enough plates or bowls or chairs or space.

I am really, really not prepared for them to come on over. I am terrified. And this is where I shot myself in the foot with my stooped rule. His parents, his decision. So, just as soon as his mom gets him to set a date (and she will, she is a school teacher, she has means) they will be pitching up at my door wanting to be fed.

My lemon meringue is always a winner but do you think it would end off a meal of chips and dip because, you know, I do have bowls for those?


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