Blogging from My Sick Bed

I suppose that I could have gone with the more dramatic “Blogging from My Death Bed” but a) it isn’t true and b) would I abuse the power of drama that way?.

But I am blogging from my sick bed. I’ve been here for going on three days already. And it sucks. Not least because I am not used to dealing with a cold for this long. My usual method is just to leave work early, dose up on jelly*, head to bed and wake up the next morning feeling human again.

This time it’s not working. Although, given that it’s a long weekend, the timing isn’t all bad. I am home and so is he and so he’s around to care for me.

I do hop out of bed every now and then and do the monkey dance (you’re welcome to ask but I don’t think I possess the vocabulary to adequately describe it but it does involve attempting to kick my heals together and clicking my fingers) which I don’t do very well when I am healthy but I attempt to do anyway to try and convince myself that I am on the mend.

It’s frustrating and annoying and I just don’t want to be sick anymore. It’s boring for him even if I do my best to keep him busy fetching me chocolate pudding to eat and sparkling water to drink (what, I’m trying to get healthy here, chocolate pudding has got to be helping in that).

Actually the amount of food I have consumed since Friday is frightening. And even worse, I am not gaining weight. Wait, did I just say ‘even worse’?. I meant ‘even better’.

Well go me for finding the silver lining in amongst the snotty toilet paper and clammy armpits. Now let me go remedy those clammy armpits before my sickly aroma sends him running and ends the supply of chocolate pudding.

* my mom would dissolve vitamin c enriched jelly powder in hot water and make us drink it, it made being sick taste really good


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