Because Tomorrow is March…

… and I didn’t want to make it five months since my last post.

Because so much and so very little has happened since then, I’ll just do a bullet point list to bring you up to speed:

  • In November my Gran died.
  • In December, the Christmas break was just not all it could have been
  • In January we bought a house. Well, more accurately, we put in an offer to purchase and it was accepted
  • In February we applied for home loans, filled in tax forms and visited his dad in hospital.
  • In March we plan to get packing and
  • In April we hope to move in to our new house.

Doesn’t seem like much, does it?

I tried, just after my Gran passed away, to write something about her, her life, her influence on me. I didn’t quite get it all down. I just re-read my draft and I really ought to publish it but it still seems so incomplete. How do I put into words how once she literally saved my life and I never thanked her for it?

My mom keeps wondering aloud at my lack of excitement about the house. I am excited, in a very guarded way. So far it’s been all about forms and banks and lawyers and the closest we get to getting excited is when we drive past and see the sold sign out front. Still doesn’t quite seem like ours yet.

His dad being in hospital was rather scary. And up until we found out that it was only a kidney stone*, I think we were  all preparing ourselves for something bad (not helped at all by his dad telling all and sundry that his side of the family always get taken by cancer). Still, think I scored a half a brownie point for fixing his pillow as he lay in his hospital bed**.

March is going to be a grueling month work wise, with a project coming to an end. Already my stress levels are climbing. The good news, for my co-workers, is that I am attending a two-day first aid course. I am hoping to learn how to throttle someone painlessly or at the very least, resuscitate them with complete amnesia so they don’t remember the pain (or the part where I throttled them).

Bring on March.

* painful but not usually fatal, thank goodness.

** yes, I am selfish and yes it’s all about me***

*** surely you’re not surprised by that


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