None of Your Business

This blogging business is tricky. Specifically the being an interested reader part. For the most part, most of what I read on the internet is linked on my sidebar. In fact, I usually open my browser to my blog and open the links from there (so very old fashioned of me I know).

I read a lot, I very rarely comment (spoken about that before over here). So it is an interesting situation I find myself in when a blogger who’s writing I like and respect either starts a new, secret blog that only a handful get the keys to or makes the regular blog password protected. In both cases, these are bloggers who make me sit up, take notice and really think about the things they write about. And not being able to do so anymore, well, sucks.

But I am not in a position to mail either of them and go “what’s the secret handshake, I want it” because they don’t even know who I am really. Because I’ve never commented, for all intents and purposes, I don’t exist. I am more like a stranger looking through the window then someone who was invited inside for a chat.

It’s a pity really, because I miss their writings and most of what makes blogs such wonderful reading is that it’s about real people and their real lives and that is always so much more educational and entertaining then plain old fiction.

I suppose, though, that until I learn to overcome my innate shyness, click the comments link and share my thoughts with these writers I admire, I have no business feeling left out of their protected blogs. Which is as it should be.


One thought on “None of Your Business

  1. I consider it cheating when someone suddenly password protects their blog. Afraid of criticism … often while spewing a lot of it themselves … they go into lockdown to escape uncomfortable interaction. Seems to me that those unable to take the heat should get out of the blogging kitchen altogether and head back to personal emails or writing in their diary.

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