Good Friday

Because I am a heathen and a philistine (apparently) all I really care about on this four day weekend is the consumption of copious quantities of Easter eggs. I would be eating one right now* were it not for the headache I am currently dealing with (there is a down side to going to bed at 2 in the morning even though I slept in till 11). The upside to the headache is that I am still in my pajamas, even though it’s already afternoon.

Anyway, in exactly seventeen days time we will be moving into our very own house. Our house, as in we have a bond and in twenty short years we will own it in its entirety House. And I have still not started packing. Hell I haven’t even gotten a quote from a moving company or even checked whether one of them can move our meager possessions three kilometres down the road on the 19th but I am telling everyone that, that is when I am moving. I have, however, managed to collect some cardboard boxes (11 to be exact) and I have packing tape and a marking pen. Now if only the boxes would figure out how to pack themselves.

Instead I am procrastinating because I have seventeen days to pack and really, I only need two. I work best when I have a deadline and a last minute. So packing is not happening, because I am still in my pajamas.

And it’s raining today, my favourite kind of weather; good Friday indeed.

* actually I am eating a hot cross bun right now, even better


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