Oh Hello December

Well, will you look at that, December already and I haven’t blogged since April.

I blame Telkom.

We moved into our new house in April and asked for the phone line to be transferred. Telkom was happy to help and not once but twice sent out techies to do the installation. Only, as both techies sadly informed us, there was no point in doing an installation when there was no f’ing cable to connect us to (only they didn’t use the word “f’ing”).

Yesterday, finally, I got them to disconnect my service – this after receiving countless sms’s advising me that if I didn’t pay my account they were going to disconnect me. Really, Telkom? Well you’d have to f’ing connect me first for me to feel the pain of disconnection. It took a lot of phone calls to finally get this done and I anticipate a few more phone calls when I get my final account and have to argue with them about why I don’t owe them any money (um, like they weren’t providing a service). I just don’t have any expectation of Telkom doing the right thing, ever.

But say hello to Cell C – the reason I am online and typing this. Truth be told I got internet on 2 weeks ago but I have been very busy catching up on the lives strangers by way of their blogs to get down to updating my own.

(Should I mention that it’s been so long since I blogged that I could not remember my blog password and didn’t want to make use of the “forgot your password” option because I couldn’t remember the password for the e-mail account I specifically created for this blog? Thankfully I chose an easy security question and Google let me back).

So, anyway, I’m sort of mostly caught up on my blog reading, I have a four-day weekend to get prepped and ready and done for Christmas and hey, I just blogged!


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