Brought to You by the letter W

Buckets 'o Gifts
These are not the gift wrapped gifts

Wrapping presents is not something I do well. My gift-wrapped gifts lack the crisp edges and tidy tape that makes the gifts seem way more expensive than they are. My mother has the knack for it. She does such an amazing job you almost don’t care what the gift is. In its wrapping it could stay perched on any little spot that needs a spot of pretty and live out its days as it is – a perfectly wrapped gift.

But at least I can say this, that as of 15H00 this afternoon, all the gifts are wrapped and ready to go.

Well actually they have already gone, into hiding! There will be no tempting packages sitting under the Christmas tree being tempting (and collecting cat fur) until Christmas eve.

Speaking of Christmas eve, my Gran would always put out snacks and chocolates and I seem to remember she’d even get changed and glammed up (which for my Gran was a dab of lipstick, it was all she needed). Christmas eve was just magical and in some ways so much better than Christmas day. There was all the anticipation and the excitement of wondering whether wishes would be granted on the morrow.

I wish she, my Gran, were here now. I’d love to be sitting outside with her, listening to her tell me about the birds and the trees. 

But she will be here in spirit, I’m sure. And I’ll see her too, in my mom, little things my mom will say and do.


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