Sunday Snippits

Coconut Poppers
Part of the baked goodies chilling in the fridge

Ah Sunday, sunny glorious Sunday with the birds chirping in the trees, the chimes tinkling in the breeze and a house alarm sounding in the (not very distant) distance. Because it just wouldn’t be a Sunday in the suburbs without the house alarm serenade.


Saturday night conversation:

She: I think we should have a kid next year.

He: I’m exhausted, I can’t have this conversation right now.

She: Okay. Then we should get a dog.

Sunday morning revelation:

Surfing the net she finds this ( And this (www.shitmypetsruined). And then she finds this ( and decides Sunday’s conversation is cancelled.


On a more domestic note, holiday baking is done, parcelled up and currently taking up space in the fridge. Fortunately I had tasted so many samples and tidbits in the making and packing that I’m actually quite sick from all the sweets so they’re all going to survive until Christmas when I hand them out.


And still the house alarm continues. Hopefully it will drowned out by the approaching thunderstorm.


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