Our Christmas Tree
Because I took like 10 photos of the thing and none of them did our little tree justice

So, after all the planning and preparation, stress and hard work Christmas is done. The Christmas left-overs, however, still linger in the fridge. I really must figure out how much is enough when catering a family lunch because, as nice as the coleslaw is, when you’re having it for lunch for the 3rd day running it’s not so nice anymore.

Our first Christmas in our home was almost everything I had hoped it would be. We got to share it with our families. We had lots of laughs. We had Mom’s I-only-make-this-at-Christmas ice cream. We had gorgeous weather. We had games in the pool and the delighted squeals of a three-year-old to fill our hearts.

Not everything went according to plan. When does it ever? But a conversation with a friend both younger and wiser than me had warned me that it would be thus and so when it did, or rather didn’t, come to pass I was able to let go of the fantasy and enjoy the reality, which was way more fun then I could ever have planned.

So, do you think coleslaw freezes well?


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