Speaker for the Week*

Angel Ornament
And this was just part of the wrapping

(* My apologies to Orson Scott Card – I just got through reading “Speaker for the Dead” and I was stumped for a title)

First week back at work and this is how it went –

The yays

  • Got to work on time every day.
  • Managed to leave work on time too so no overtime (so far).
  • Found an xmas pressie lurking in my desk drawer – I am so spoiled and what a beautiful gift it is.
  • Resolved a simmering conflict with a co-worker. Had a nice chat and a hot chocolate and now it’s all sorted and I feel so much better. I think she does too.
  • Encouraged someone I like and admire to be more ambitions, to apply for a serious promotion. In truth she had been thinking of applying but my little talk convinced her to go for it. I will be holding thumbs for her.
  • Took along yoghurt and muesli to work every day for breakfast. I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that eating breakfast is making a positive difference to work my day.
  • And on the subject of food – when I said that for dinner I was going to the kitchen to make magic happen, I totally did just that. He Man** and the lack of leftovers*** will confirm that.
  • Nobody missed me, they managed along just fine without me.

The nays

  • That xmas pressie – well I got it on Monday, opened it on Tuesday and only thanked the giver on Wednesday.
  • Five is way to early in the morning to get out of bed.
  • While I was away no one updated the dress code to allow for slippers in the workplace. Or pajamas.
  • Had my first little road rage outburst for the year. The holiday is over folks and traffic is back to normal.
  • Nobody missed me, they managed along just fine without me.

You know, I wasn’t expecting the yays to carry it, but there it is. Yay?

** He Man – it’s what we’re calling him now apparently (thanks Kyknoord)

*** He Man and the Lack of Leftovers – awesome band name or way past my bedtime?


3 thoughts on “Speaker for the Week*

  1. Tracy L

    If I did it would be all about my WoW addictoin. And nobody wants to read about that. Trust me.

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