Currently pretending it’s still Wednesday because that is when I wrote this and it was relevant then.

Currently googling how to kill my internet connection because it’s clearly trying to kill me with frustration but constantly dying on me. Uh, never mind Google.

Currently hoping that the Trojan people who make the condoms are not the same Trojan people who made my treadmill because a malfunctioning treadmill equals minor inconvenience but malfunctioning condom…

Currently contemplating sharing a little work related anecdote that probably won’t get me into trouble at work but my mom might be a little shocked.

Currently remembering that my mom doesn’t even know I have a blog. So, today I had to type the phrase “pull wire switch” and my first through was “guys have a switch for that?”

Currently grateful that the awesome pasta dish I made for dinner on Monday finally finished it’s run this evening. Day three spinach still tasty, day four spinach not.

Currently wondering how it is that I have typed the word ‘currently’ eight times in this post yet every single time I typed it, it came out as ‘currenlty’.


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Yeah, a malfunctioning condom wins the tragedy award! How lucky are you that your mom doesn’t read your blog.

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