Fourth of July

Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday are a blur but only because Thursday nearly ended me.

Thursday started out well enough. At least I think it did, I don’t really remember. I remember though that it got shittier as the day went by. I didn’t realise how shitty till I was driving home when it was late and dark and I started crying. Not a good thing to do in traffic when you need to keep your wits about you to make it home alive.

But I made it home in one piece and then promptly fell to pieces in He Man’s arms.

I think I last cried so much when my dad died. (And now I will have to take a moment to cry some more because my dad is still dead and I miss him.)

Yet no one died. It was just my job, the one I love, the one that I am good at, the one that I have that was making me cry.

Let’s not blame the job though. The job is challenging, just the way I like it. The people that come with the job, ah well, isn’t that always where the problem lies.

And so I cried and cried because I just could not imagine how I would go back, the next day, today, and deal with the people.

I did it though, with He Man’s help and hugs and He Man’s advice.

And I was reminded that my job comes with other people too. People who care, who listen, who give good advice (and even a hug) too. And so now I can go back on Monday and carry on and do my job.

Someone I once knew was fond of saying that sooner or later everybody got promoted to their level of incompetence. I’m not there yet, I’m not even close. And so those people can just go suck it, because I don’t see The Boss taking them out for a slice of chocolate tart anytime soon.


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