Well after being away from blogging just a few days short of a whole year I am back. Nobody missed me I’m sure. But I’m going to blog anyway just because I can. Bonus points for me if anyone actually reads any of it.

Because I was too lazy and uninspired to write anything else, the above is what you got if you wanted to read about me. But it is time to update it a bit.

I am a thirty-something South African living in the cosmopolitan metropolis that is Midrand (such an imaginative name no?) But I like living here for several reasons, chief of which is that Midrand is far more representative on South Africa’s population demographics then a lot of other places where I’ve lived. In other words, most of my neighbours are not white. And it’s a good thing.

I used to have a blog that had a very punny name and I blogged under a pseudonym that described me a belonging to someone else, as being his (and nothing more). By choosing that pseudonym I limited myself is so many ways, not just in relation to blogging but to my life as a whole. I stopped seeing myself as me, as a separate human being. It was not a good thing.

I’ve since made some big changes in my life and here I am, trying to blog again. I say try only because I don’t blog nearly as often as I would like to. It is nice though to have a place that I can call my own and a space to share my writing.

Tracy is my real name.